Meal at Gauthier Soho

Meal at Gauthier Soho

at Gauthier Soho on 2 May 2011
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I would happily go back here just for the matured virgin olive oil and sensational balsamic vinegar alone.  The interior itself really does feel like you are having dinner in someone’s dining room of their house and has a very cosy feel, however, probably not for every occasion therefore.  The unfortunate thing is that in recent times I have heard from friends who had ‘episodes’ within their experiences here (since my visit) and the establishment has also lost their Michelin star, which is a shame as it put on such a good show when I was there.  It is perfect for a pre-theatre set menu prior to a show and the canapés and little extras were all wonderful.  Hopefully it may take charge of itself again soon but should still not be discounted for a try, especially if going onward in the West End.  I will go back for another visit when I can to gauge an up to date comparison.

Food Grade: 74%

7 / 10

Canapés (1)

Canapés (2)

Bread selection

Olive oils

Butter and oil dip

Amuse bouche






Pear combination

Honey ice cream