Meal at Dishoom

Meal at Dishoom

at Dishoom on 16 April 2016
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My second visit to this branch of Dishoom having completed the set of four in London now.  I tried the sausage and egg naan (stupidly missed the photo of it) as have had the bacon naan several times and although this was very nice, I would go for the bacon version.  The Full Bombay was also had on the other side of the table and this was a fine picture indeed.

I forgot how magical scrambled egg and baked beans are from childhood – the staff very kindly brought out on request a small version of this for me to enjoy after the naan.  With unlimited cups of chai tea (I think we enjoyed about 4 each!) the whole bill came to £26 all in, which is pretty amazing for the quality of the food and charm of setting.  I booked this table for 2 last week and was the last one available for Sat breakfast and this would appear to be ever popular as a weekend event so my advice is to book well early if you are looking for a quality and original breakfast in London on the weekend.  A lovely thing to re-experience and especially on the occasion it was.

7 / 10

Dishoom Covent Garden

The Big Bombay (breakfast)

Masala baked beans and scrambled egg


Booth dining

Breakfast drinks

Spiced beans

Signature bacon naan

Inside bacon naan

The breakfast bill for 2