Meal at Côte Brasserie

Meal at Côte Brasserie

at Côte Brasserie on 6 March 2016
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A wonderful Mother’s Day champagne breakfast and superb value for money at £14 per person for a glass of champagne, orange or apple juice, hot drink and main breakfast meal.  Understandably for the occasion it was packed but even that was the case the staff seemed to be quite happy and were entirely gracious with us throughout the energy of the service which makes such a difference.  The French toast was beautifully light and the salmon and scrambled eggs were very good value.  I enjoyed the frehsly made pan au chocolate and the jams to go with fresh croissant were all good.  I also loved my crepe with bacon, gruyere cheese and eggs but would have much preferred the eggs to be runny (they were mostly hard).  However, the overall effect was lovely French brasserie food in a bustling environment for very good value with very warm service.  Bravo all the staff here on all counts; a very pleasant visit.

Food Grade: 65%

7 / 10



Pan aux chocolate

Blueberry, strawberry and apricot jams

French toast

Salmon and egg

Crêpe Complète warm crêpe with two free range eggs, bacon and shaved Gruyère cheese

Oeuf cocotte


Breaded plaice with tartare