Meal at Brasserie Chavot

Meal at Brasserie Chavot

at Coda Restaurant by Eric Chavot on 12 October 2013
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A charming brasserie located in Mayfair and simply did not fail on many counts with me at all, less the inability to have a set menu option.  The oysters with pork were a delight as was the steak tartare and the potato salad was the nicest side of potato salad I have ever had.  The soft shell crab with lemon mayonnaise was a little heavy but all in, the food was superb.  It had a very easy feel to the place and I recall staying here for a good three hours on a Saturday lunch as there were not many diners and so we took our time, steadily working through the menu.  If you have the time to do so, I would thoroughly recommend doing so as it is a delight to do that there for all these reasons.

Food Grade: 85%

9 / 10

Brasserie Chavot

Steak Tartare

With chips and Béarnaise


Crab & Avacado

Soft Shell Crab

Creamy Mash


Potato Salad


Milk Sorbet and Ginger

A Happy Chap