Meal at Burger and Lobster

Meal at Burger and Lobster

at Burger and Lobster on 25 April 2015
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Very glad to have finally seen what this is all about.  Having done it now, my verdict on Lobster and Burger is that it is a comfortable option to have with a quirky charm and a fun concept done well.

Points for the visitor regarding burger and lobster: 1) it is a restaruant but yes they now do a take away option; 2) there are three main choices: whole lobster butterflied, lobster roll or burger; 3) all three options are £20 each and come with shoe string chips and a well balanced side salad with balsamic glaze, croutons and parmesan; 4) bookings are not taken so it is turn up and wait at the bar if busy and 5) yes it is a chain, however with only 6 branches in London (soon to be 7 as at time of writing) and one branch in Cardiff.

Although options are limited, the lobster with Japanese mayonnaise in a toasted brioche with garlic butter I thought was the trump card as it was different, light and indulgent at the same time (the brioche is soaked in butter prior to cooking and the Japanese mayonnaise is a citrusy and lovely, light addition.  I also congratulate B&L for being the first burger venue to substitute the bun on my burger for lettuce to reduce the carb value as this is the only place to have ever offered the choice, and actually it was rather refreshing.

I’m still struggling however to see how the burger option is worth £20, as even Goodman and other meat and grills venues don’t get that expensive for burgers, but the fact that the B&L burger contained brisket, chuck (from neck and front thigh of cow) and tri tip (end of the sirloin at the rear of the cow) means that there is no danger of you going hungry if going for this option as there is plenty of meat squeezed in to the burger which makes up for the price (slightly).

Pleased to have done this visit and will go back for the whole lobster option and sample the snickers mousse dessert when possible.  Very down to earth and welcoming service here as well which was very pleasant to have as well.

6 / 10



Lobster roll (in toasted brioche with garlic butter sauce)

Cheese (beef) Burger in lettuce wrap

(with bacon requested on side)

The bill for two meals