Meal at Bubbledogs

Meal at Bubbledogs

at Bubbledogs on 15 November 2014
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It’s better to think of this place as a quirky change of pace rather than what you could end up thinking which is a bit of a disappointment if you think of it too much as a restaurant.  It is a wonderful low end place rather than anything else.  The choice of hot dogs here are fantastic and the crusted potato pieces that one can order as a side were, also very gratifying.  The notion of having champagne and counter dining in a cosy atmosphere with very different hot dogs with entirely fluffy and fresh buns is original and pleasing.

However my negatives were the fact that the sausages were too thin and hard (almost like chorizo in the case of the truffled mayonnaise hot dog) and the cheese sauce to accompany the fried potato portions felt almost as if it were processed / ordered in.  I did not get a chance to find out whether this was the case but it was certainly what it tasted like with its gelatinous feel.

I say confused ethos purely because I was expecting a more causal affair but was almost handled as if I would be lucky to be accommodated because it is what it is, making me think ‘Ok, I know it’s busy, but it’s not exactly the Fat Duck’ and ended up dining with others, which was fun, but not everyone would want this I appreciate.  Worth a visit if you want something different and I will pop in again if I am close or entirely hung over and need some wonderful comfort food.

7 / 10

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Bacon bits and truffle mayonnaise hot dog

With potato croutons and cheese dip

Cherry soda