Meal at Berners Tavern

Meal at Berners Tavern

at Berners Tavern on 9 October 2014
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This is a very nice alternative to what one may consider the norm and the bustling atmosphere, high ceiling and open plan feel to the restaruant is a very pleasant environment to have any particular brasserie food that one can think of.  With plenty of choice on food and wine / cocktails, there are not many negatives to enjoying a meal here at any part of the day except for possibly being a little steep on the prices if you were hungry, as you may need to ensure doing all options to being truly full.

The cooking is unpretentious, stylish and flavoursome.  Where it may not have the technical wizzardry that some of Jason Atherton’s other venues have, such as his flagship Pollen Street Social, City Social and Social Eating House etc, this has a warmth of simple pleasure in the food and is certainly a nice option to have for something hearty and new.

8 / 10

Berners Tavern Bar

Berners Tavern interior


Prawn cocktail

Bread on side

Steak tartare

Crispy pig’s head with pickled onion salad

Cherry dessert