Meal at Zafferano

Meal at Zafferano

at Zafferano on 28 June 2011
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This was a pleasant lunch no question as the ingredients were pure and fresh.  I couldn’t help thinking though that it was entirely plain.  At the time of my visit they had a set menu, which I sampled and was not hugely impressed with – the starter was a mozzarella ball on on a bed of sliced cherry tomatoes and the main was turbot on a bed of green beans with a pesto blob on the top.  Fresh and well cooked yes, but entirely non-special for a Michelin starred restaurant.  So much more effort could have gone in to this and it actually ranks as the most uninspiring / disappointingly basic set menu I have had within any Michelin starred restaurant.  Perhaps the a’la carte may be a little better but sadly the experience has made me not want to dive to the front door again in any hurry.  If I need to take someone out who adores Italian food and I happen to be in the area and we happen to be hungry, then I will try Zafferano again.

Food Grade: 47%

5 / 10


Mozzarella & chery tomatoes

Fish course


Grapefruit cones

Pistachio biscuits