Meal at Chez Bruce

Meal at Chez Bruce

at Chez Bruce on 13 November 2010
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I look back at lunch at Chez Bruce as definitely something I was pleased to do and was quite nice to have the view of Wandsworth Common immediately opposite the restaurant.  The set menu was good value, however, it was easily in the lower quadrant of all 1 Michelin stars for me as the flavours were fresh but simply dull.  The prize and definite pleasing aspect though was the signature creamed thyme soup – this with the doughnut bread I have to say was extremely good and I would have actually preferred to have just this on reflection and not bothered with anything else.  Admittedly only one lunch experienced here but did not produce a strong desire for me to head back anytime soon and the size of the interior is almost claustrophobic, even with the upstairs section available.  Worth a visit only if one is passing.

Food Grade: 66%

7 / 10

Thyme Cream Shoup

Mini doughnut bread

Tyhme cream soup close up

Fish main

Sponge dessert