Meal at Tiger Palm

Meal at Tiger Palm

at Tiger Palm on 10 April 2017
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On recommendation of contacts, this was another place tried in the evening context and although I was surprised about the absence of any atmosphere or charm (the restaurant is set within a shopping mall andalmost feels a bit like one inside), there were some very satisfying Asian dishes here that were easily superior to anything you would not normally get in an average Asian restaurant in the UK (as should be the case).  Particular favrouites included the sensationally sweet and soy pork, the wonderful lamb with cumin sauce and chicken popcorn with honey (although this was pretty much deep fried calories on a plate).  The duck green curry was a litle dissapointing (set thick and a little cloggy) but there really wasn’t that much not to like.  Perfect for dining at in an admin context before hitting the nightlife scene – not very warm or conducive as an environment for cosy occasions needed by couples.

Food Grade: 67%

7 / 10

Tiger Palm, Seminyak

Lamb with cumin sauce

Lobster srping rolls with

Pork with chilli padi and vinegar sauce

Chicken popcorn with honey, chilli and sesame

Nasi lemak with chicken lendang

Roti Canai