Meal at The Black Horse

Meal at The Black Horse

at The Black Horse on 28 April 2015
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This is a charming pub that is listed in the Michelin Guide (2015) with ample parking space and a welcoming smile.  The set menu of 2 courses for £16 and 3 courses for £20 proved to be very good value for money experiencing the quality of the food.  Unfortunately the delivery was a bit hit a miss with two incorrect courses being served (in a group of 11) and one not being remembered.  There were simple errors of judgement as well such as the poached eggs being overcooked; I felt the duck was very bland without any dressing or sauce to accompany the salad and I was surprised that the hollondaise was not freshly made and seemingly from a packet.  However, the lasagne and lemon posset were both very good.  Overall, a very pleasant pub, with some carefully presented food, but some that clearly required a little more finesse.

Food Grade: 48%

5 / 10

The Black Horse

The Black Horse frontage

Salmon, poached egg and hollondaise

Warm duck salad

Lasagne, side salad and garlic bread

Lemon posset