Meal at Die Alte Schule

Meal at Die Alte Schule

at Die Alte Schule on 3 November 2014
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Located in the sleepy hollow of Herford (North West Germany), the cooking here is homely and comforting whilst also being carefully presented.  Personal favourites included the salmon with honey mustard dressing and fried potato cakes – light and just wonderful partners together – and the steak here was done to a beautiful standard – melt in the mouth as well as having the perfect amount of saltiness within its juiciness and on special request, the chef even made sauce béarnaise for me off menu (with a few hours notice of course as didn’t want to make them uncomfortable) and this was probably the best I have ever had.  The Italian chef’s trick with the béarnaise was adding an element of Worcestershire sauce and sugar in to the tarragon and shallot proceedings producing a wonderful flavour.  I felt quite blessed here and the more I write, the more I realise this, but I understand virtually everyone will hardly ever be in the area.  However if you are and need somewhere, I guarantee this to be a very nice option.

Food Grade: 83%

8 / 10


Salmon, honey mustard and potato pancakes


Beef carpaccio

Choclate ice cream


Special menu



Fillet beef

Vegetables and sauce béarnaise

Chocloate medley


Cherry ice

Fillet steak

Ice cream mix

Final fillet steak with sauce béarnaise