Meal at The Victorian

Meal at The Victorian

at The Victorian on 19 October 2013
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Having a drink at the bar downstairs in the Bistro im Victorian is the only way to start an evening at The Victorian. A window table was gained for this meal and was a superb way to start the evening before heading in to the Alte Stadt. The service was extremely good on this visit and the dishes were visually great as well as genuinely pleasing. Great care had gone in to the presentation and the main highlight of the tasting menu was actually the salad with pea ice cream. All others dishes were fine (although not all worked) and I left with a smile on my face and the thought of: “I’m glad I did that one”, but no huge need to return to doing again.

Food Grade: 71%

7 / 10

View from table

Victorian restaurant




Quail with mushroom jus

Palate cleanser

Beef and parsnip

Cheese course

Beetroot dessert

Petits fours

Window table complete