Meal at Bistro im Victorian

Meal at Bistro im Victorian

at The Victorian on 9 August 2014
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This is a lovely bistro in Dusseldorf located on the German equivalent of Bond Street.  The open plan and bar areas are stylish and the menu has traditional choices done well.  One thing Germans do very well is remoulade and sauces, and these were very much employed with the salmon, fried potato cakes and beef.  The schnitzel for the lady was done very well (thin, crispy and with no gristle).  One thing I haven’t mentioned in any of the other German restaurants is the glaring lack understanding that the vast majority have to tap water – please don’t expect an easy interface with any German waiter or waitress regarding tap water, as they simply don’t get it.  Tap water is drinkable in Germany but restaurants in the main simply don’t understand why you would not go for bottled – the answer I cry: because tap water tastes virtually identical but is free.

A lovely venue for lunch or dinners with a very good feel; if one elects to go for dinner upstairs in The Victorian restaurant (1 Michelin starred) then the bar downstairs in the bistro is a very nice way to start that occasion.

6 / 10

Potato cakes, salmon and beef