Meal at Pluto

Meal at Pluto

at Pluto on 21 May 2016
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This was a pleasing venue with a pulse situated in the heart of the city and was recommended to us by a 3 Michelin starred restaurant for a quick bite in the evening after our 22 course lunch.  It turned out to be a very good recommendation and there were some great options here.  We went for the spring rolls with duck and peanut and a spicy dip and foie gras with pork croquettes to nibble on (although beware of how deceptively filling each croquette is here) and shared the lobster hot dog with chicken skin to share.  If we hadn’t have gone for a cocktail each then the price would have been approx £15 each for the nibbles and hot dog which is not bad bearing in mind the ingredients of foie gras and lobster hads and the quality of the food was quite pleasing.  The service ranged from very good to far too casual / non-caring (and annoying as a result) so was a mixed bag on this count however, overall, a great little option for a fun environment and decent food choices.

Food Grade: 77%

8 / 10

Pluto entrance

Evening menu

Pork and foie gras croquettes, spring rolls with spicy dip

Lobster hot dog with chicken skin

The bill for 2