Meal at The George Hotel

Meal at The George Hotel

at The George Hotel on 14 April 2016
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I stumbled across here as was passing on the way back from business and was thanfully steered in to this very nice hotel.  A lovely, modern fireplace was enjoyed to have a snack of croque monsieur in the late afternoone having missed lunch and I thought this was a superb version with the bechamel and cheese melted perfectly in to both sides of the sandwich.  If I was being picky, I would have preferred the cheese inside to be fully melted, but this was a very pleasant version served with warm hospitality in a hotel that clearly has high standards which were very pleasant to drop in to and enjoy for the brief visit.  Only one product tasted so this is the grade of this choice alone and I hope I have the opportunity to revisit.

Food Grade: 58%

6 / 10

The George Hotel

Afternoon tea

Croque monsieur