Dinner at Demo

Dinner at Demo

at Demo on 11 January 2017
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Demo – One Star Michelin restaurant near the center of Helsinki

Demo have held a Michelin Star since 2007, and with good reason as well.

A small and cozy restaurant with the kitchen next to the dinning room. The restaurant holds less then 10 tables but have white table cloths and the vibe is very bistro-ish. You can overlook the place when walking by

The food is high quality. I think at the time, the wine parring was more of the classical type, no natural wines, but that does not stand clear to me. I had a none-alcohol beer that day (Drynuary)

There is set menus that you can choose – between 5-6 or 7 dishes. The pricing is very fair and the food level is good. The food is classical modern – beautifully presented. French flavors and technics.
The place, like most of Finland, is not without humor, subtle humor. Its small things, like a small note on the wall of the bathroom. The place have a familiar tone and good service. I have been two times to Demo, and both times have been walk-ins.
If you are in Helsinki I will recommend you placed a visit at Demo

Modern French
Local Produce
7 / 10