Lunch at Ambasciata Orsarese

Lunch at Ambasciata Orsarese

at Ambasciata Orsarese on 17 October 2020
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Should you land in Foggia Puglia one day, please try this little gem, a true ambassador of this amazing region, serving only the best of local producers. You will get a 10 or more courses meal (please plan at least 2 hours) with wine and water a discretion for an unbelievable 30 Euro in total. The home baked bread is incredibly good!

8 / 10

Amazing sizes of home made bread, 150 years old recipe

Cod from Norway (bacalau) on sugo, fresh tomatos and black olives

fritturina de pesce

mozzarella buffala, wild boar salami, a local cheese and wild rucola

selection of crocettes

orecchiette cime de rape (turnip tops)

Troccoli with local mushrooms