Lunch at Piccolo Lago

Lunch at Piccolo Lago

at Piccolo Lago on 25 August 2018
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The flavors here are insane and apart from most bread prepared on the stove and price friendly wine list surprised if this places can continue to stay under the radar

9 / 10

Nibbles, most funky salami with white chocolate

Flat focaccia and semi melted ham

Flat rosemary bread

Anemone and apricot

Snails, garlic, parsley and pistachio

Kryo zucchini and caviar

Dried fish ball in own fresh broth incl ginger and lime

Brilliant spaghetti cacio e pepe sprinkled with vinegar/salt preserved perch

Ravioli with braised onions and spicy panchetta

Perfectly cooked char with peperoncino

Fried chicken and skin with rosemary powder

Milk of the mountains with cinnamon and rhubarb

Pasta of white chocolate with lychee