Dinner at 7132 Silver

Dinner at 7132 Silver

at 7132 Silver on 25 August 2018
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Amazing and super elegant dining with a restaurant with strong focus of local produce, this could easily go 3 stars soon

9 / 10

I see fire...

Table with a view

Onion tartlet with shredded ox heart

Fried and dried chicken foot

Broccoli medley on hemp

Cheese bon bon

Great potato bread with the skin of the potato as crunchy snack

Kohlrabi ravioli with cucumber and ash in own juice plus caviar

The fog

Char and greens

Heart of lettuce with mustard vinaigrette

Amazing local champignons and dried chanterelles with egg yolk

Best perch with black garlic in own broth plus tomato

Celeriac mountain and reduction

Lamp chop and caramalized juniper

Ox beef with veggie paste and pickled radish

Blue cheese taco with baked pear and lavender

Nitrogen berries

Spoiled kid

Pine and meringue

Swiss Danish