Lunch at Berton al Lago c/o Hotel il Sereno

Lunch at Berton al Lago c/o Hotel il Sereno

at Berton al Lago on 18 August 2018
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Very interesting flavor combination at this refreshing one star with focus on Asian touch and vegetables

7 / 10

Five spice crackers

Nibbles, carrot/ginger tartlet, saffron/perch cookie, baby corn with chili mayo, raspberry crackers

Char with asparagus and peach sorbet

Carpaccio with cardamom and coffee

The dining room

Grilled Yucca bark in veggie broth

Spaghetti with pistachio and anchovies

Stuffed cannelloni with cod plus pak choi and ponzu

Perch with seaweed plus broth and almond sauce


Heart of salat with quinoa and licorice

Lovely spaghetti a la amatriciana

Accompanied by baby octopus and warm bread

Dry minestrone

After nibbles with wasabi marshmallows and others