Dinner at Unn

Dinner at Unn

at Unn on 18 October 2018
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Interesting Nordic take on teppanyaki style dinner with lots of potential

7 / 10

The setting

The hot plate

The view

The tools

Oyster with lemon, soya and brown butter

The drinks

Halibut sashimi with shrimps, Bonita flakes and radish

Tagliatelle of sole with zucchini/cucumber in wasabi/sesame sauce

The cup of sake

Maki roll of tempura langoustine with red apple and caviar

The grill

The beer

Grilled herring glazed with fermented soya with mayo and greens

Pickled vegetables

The burn

The wine

The beef in burned hay with herbs and garlic

Red vinegar rice with caviar medley

The machine

Shaven ice with cherries

Green tea macron and miso fudge with chocolate crumble