Lunch at Sushi Sho

Lunch at Sushi Sho

at Sushi Sho on 8 September 2018
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Once again this cousy one star sushi bar omakase style delivers in flavor and beautifully sourced local produce

8 / 10

Hatichino - Owl beer variation no 1

Hatachino - Owl beer variation no 2

Hamachi or yellowtail

Abalone and octopus slow cooked

Mackerel and shiso leafs

Monk fish liver and ponzu

Belly of yellowtail, ocra, spring onion and soy cured egg yolk

Htichino - owl beer variation no 3

Late sea bass nigiri, all rice with red vinegar

Atlantic char


Danish yellowtail

Salmon roe with wasabi and yuzu



Otoro part I

Otoro part II

Otoro part III

Sweet omelette