Dinnerat Restaurant Etoile

Dinnerat Restaurant Etoile

at Etoile on 6 September 2018
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Very playful and funky new place in Stockholm with inspiration from around the world and spot on cooking plus a beautiful wine parring. They should be heading for a star!

8 / 10

Celeriac and rose peddles

Umami tea of mushroom

Onion cookie with foie gras

Beef tartar with licorice gel and onion and caviar

Fish and chips with peas and vinegar

Bloody Mary fake dim sum

Cedar smoked tableside Maki with ponzu

Salty churros with cream and roe

Mozzarella balloon with tomato medley

Manchego toast with truffle and 50 year balsamico

Chorizo soup

Langoustine crudo and roe

Nitrogen sphere and cherries for brilliant cleanser

Unique sweetbread center with tempura black curry outside - charcoal

Beautiful lobster and mirabelle with snow of foie gras

Corn and truffle in chicken broth

Thai soup as ice cream with mango

Corn mash mellow with white choc

Medley of dark choc, pickled sea buckthorn, dough and coffee ice cream

Swedish nibbles

Bon bon