Dinner at ICHI

Dinner at ICHI

at Ichi on 8 September 2018
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Very interesting newcomer in Stockholm with focus on Nordic ingredients and a twist of Japanese fire and grill, clearly star potential

8 / 10

Ask for seating at th kitchen counter

First starters hidden crisp in the plant


Nibbles like grilled mushroom, kohlrabi gyozo with caramelized kohlrabi stuffing, stuffed liver and grilled kale

Swedish taco with homemade fresh cheese and grilled zucchini

Tasty salat with lemon vinaigrette and bone marrow, grilled aubergine and fermented unripe strawberries

Interesting cauliflower tofu

Grilled bread with caramelized crisp sides and dill butter

Part I of rainbow trout cooked and smoked in birch to perfection

Part II here with fennel, white miso and own belly and black currant leave on top

Grilled port with dip of cradlings and cabbage in rice wine sauce

Danish cheese mix

Classic Japanese shaven ice dessert with plum and ginger used as cleanser

Figs, woodruff and frozen sponge cake