Dinner at Gastrologik

Dinner at Gastrologik

at Gastrologik on 19 October 2018
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Very elegant and flavorful dinner again with big potential for second star even if dessert a tick weak

9 / 10

Airy bread with fennel flowers

Broth of hay

Hay part II

Kohlrabi with rakfish

Oyster with cherry granita

The duck

Kelp and truffle algae

Pancake with spring onion and broccoli flower

Caviar and pork fat

The bread

Vendace roe with potato and quail egg yolk

The wine

Scallop and coriander seeds in brown butter

Celeriac in chicken wing broth

Lamb and leaf of brussel sprouts

The duck and preserved plum

The duck part II of liver and intestines

Sea buckthorn with fermented black garlic

Coriander water sorbet with dried apples

Artic brambles in own sauce

Aftermath with funky celeriac tartlet

Chanterelles fudge