Dinner at Gastrologik

Dinner at Gastrologik

at Gastrologik on 28 July 2018
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Beautiful sourcing of local produce and interesting takes on sauces using vegetables or fruits in new manner combined again with a friendly wine list, it has more potential

8 / 10

Herring tacos

Onions with aged local white fish stuffing

Chicken liver in fake meringue egg shell

Herbs of the beach with cod roe dip

Green kelp with seaweed truffle

Fresh butter with rapeseed oil

Raw local with fish

Raw shrimps with peas and horse radish snow

Cabbage with grilled burned butter and unripe apples

Crayfish and burned rose pedals

Cow fat porched salmon with juice of green stem from onions

Grilled greens from the beach

Best ever lamb tongue with peas and own broth

100 days old cow and unripe cherries

Nice wine

Peas variation as dessert

Chestnut and raspberry

Chamomile sandwich plus reduce milk sandwich

Vodka bee pollen shooter