Dinner at Aloë

Dinner at Aloë

at Aloë on 7 December 2018
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Fantastic cooking especially on fish at this one ⭐️ of Nordic ingredients with Japanese twists, inspiring and potential is there for the self proclaimed goal of 3 stars in 3 years

8 / 10

The kitchen

The table

Broth of bacon with shiso leaf and chili oil

Oyster in tomato water with hazelnut and pata negra

Osetra caviar in oxidation wine sauce

Blinis with lumpfish roe

Hamachi nigiri with fried chicken skin

Parmesan cracker with broccoli cream, red berries and truffle

Otoro and Osetra caviar with enoki mushroom and carrot cream

Langoustine with daikon, coriander and fried lotus root

Razor clams and cucumber on Japanese egg flan with green pepper oil

Fake squid ramen in own broth with shiitake mushroom

More wine

Monk fish with kohlrabi with jalapeños and brown butter andown liver cracker

Ocean perch with watercress



Meringue and mandarin

Vanilla ice cream and sea buckthorn

The aftermath