Dinner at Terra - The Magic Place

Dinner at Terra - The Magic Place

at Terra on 6 October 2018
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Something special is going on deep in the forrest of Northern Italy and with a couple of contenders for dish of they category some excellent cooking and best flavors combined a friendly wine list

9 / 10

The table

The decor

In the myst ash hibiscus sphere

Rice cracker with Arctic char roe

Ash taco with celeriac and porcini cream

Blueberry sphere with horseradish and smoked caviar

Pumpkin cracker

Rose petals cone with seasonal herbs and oils

The wine loft

Strawberry/tomato soup with basil drops and caviar plus spurn cream cracker

Meaty fish of arctic char in apple sliced and colored in beetroot with chicken skin foam, pine powder and tapioca cracklings

Chicken mousse in celeriac cracker with hazelnut, apple and fennel bronze

Cheesy gnocchi in porcini foam

Bread and bun with butter and pine oil served with a double malt 8.6 pct beer

The bun with chives stuffing

The red

Ravioli of celeriac topped with marygold leafs

Trout with sea buckthorn

The Terra tea of black trumpet and porcini mushrooms

Juiciest deer with local flowers with celeriac/varbena and fermented black garlic

The wine

Pre dessert


Morning apple crumble

The morning decor

Scrambled eggs and chanterelles

The golden goodbye