Dinner at Restaurant St. Hubertus

Dinner at Restaurant St. Hubertus

at St. Hubertus on 7 October 2018
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Amazing experience with deep focus on local produce where you will find these delicate and strong flavors - a well deserved ⭐️⭐️⭐️ plus combined with glass friendly wines very close to the top mark

9 / 10

Room with a view

The decor

The table

Potato cake with black budding

Bone marrow waffle with sour cream and house smoked lamb loin

Arctic char with powder of green strawberries and horseradish redux

Sorrel granita cleanser

The surprised sourdough


Fake tomato bruschetta of fermented plum

Mushroom medley of hen in the woods pan fried and grilled in own broth and foam

Broth of the eel with chives oil and braised in the fire inside out onion and black cabbage

Grilled eel

Trout with sauce of fermented yellow plum

The sourdough bread

Orzotto with chives and powder of mountain coffee

Ravioli of 2 years aged cheese and broth made of the seasonal herbs

Veal tongue with vegetables redux and fermented red currant

Tripe in black budding and green apples topped with milk skin and frozen white currant

The eye of the Barolo

A wine couples of glasses

Pigeon in own juice and fermented barley sauce topped with elderflower and cassis

Parsley ravioli stuffed with leg of pigeon in broth of own intestines

French toast with strawberry ice cream and nitrogened milk

Open ravioli of apricot with apricot ice cream and sauce of apricot and grand marnier


Another wine