Dinner at Ristorante Tokuyoshi

Dinner at Ristorante Tokuyoshi

at Tokuyoshi on 13 October 2018
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Innovative and creative versions of in chefs own word contaminated food with Japanese influences with some great flavor combinations

8 / 10

The fish

Salmon on pumpkin tail

Vegetable broth

Anchovy butter bun

Rice cracker pizza

Crudo seppia and lardo

Fake tuna belly of amber jack, tartare and caviar

Grilled eel with balsamico

Spaghetti a la vongole with bone marrow sauce topped with white truffle

Grilled salad with vinegar foam

Nose and tail or here tongue and tilefish

Chocolate liver cookie

Duck breast with snail in basil

Granita elderflower cleanser

Dessert of woman