Dinner at Vollmers

Dinner at Vollmers

at Vollmers on 18 December 2018
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Still great cooking and sharp flavors at this ⭐️⭐️ albeit similar too earlier visit in September

8 / 10

The table

Crab claw tartlet topped with sorel

Mushroom with minced ceps and porcini powder

Potato crackling with duck intestines

Oyster and smoked cheese

Dild on

Tartare of calf with mayo

Cleanser of lime herbs mortared in verbena juice

The bread

The butters

Soup of mussels broth with cod, cucumber and elderflower caviar

Pointed cabbage topped with lardo and ramson flower

Mushroom medley

Beetroot and sweetbread with beetroot shooter

Duck in own trimmings and mash with 40 pct Havgus

Tartlet of figs with shaven blue cheese

Pear and white chocolate

Danish whipped