Dinner at Vollmers

Dinner at Vollmers

at Vollmers on 14 September 2018
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Beautifully executed Nordic dining with elegant execution and razor sharp precision at this relaxed two star

8 / 10

Quail eggs cooked at 47 degrees for 2:09 minutes

Delicious haydusted cream with greens


Duck leg center in potato crisp

Shrimps with fermented white asparagus

Wonderful cleanser of citrus herbs and lemonade

Amazing bread serving with homemade butter

Part I of mussel soup with cod and elderflower spheres

Part II now with mussel cream soup and butter oil on top

Amazing layered pointed cabbage and port with lardo and ramson flower on top

Salsify and buttermilk foam

Sensational mushroom medley

Tartare and mayo

Sweetbread with pine shoots and thinly sliced lettuce

Tomato pie with shredded blue cheese

Raspberries and double cream milk

Double cream milk ice cream and preserved raspberries