Lunch at Restaurant La Peca

Lunch at Restaurant La Peca

at La Peca on 10 November 2018
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Great Italian ⭐️⭐️ with sharp and surprising flavors and modern twist plus great Italian wine list

8 / 10

The sign

The table

The view

Carrot and reduced Americano cocktail

Pumpkin and grapes

Deconstructed champignon on basil sponge

The bread

Smoked oyster with carrot, lemon air and strawberry

Seaweed cracker, with cod cream and caviar

Mille feuille of hazelnut, egg and cabbage with beetroot and topped with white truffle

Chicken broth with own intestines, orange potato and celery

Spaghetoni cooked rosa in red onion with red mullet and caviar

Tortellini stuffed with pigeon with sage butter and leek sauce

Shrimp medley of crudo, tartare and own soup

Grilled eel and green apple

Hare with black trumpet mushroom and Jerusalem artichokes

Pre-dessert of foie gras medley with hazelnut, raspberry and coffee

Apple cleanser

Insane green pepper parfait with orange sauce and radish