Dinner at Mina

Dinner at Mina

at Mina on 31 October 2018
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Very interesting flavor combinations and ideas and just a pity execution was mixed last night at this one star!

7 / 10

The entrance

The kitchen

The counter

Clam in spicy broth

Cucumber and milk

Mussels in coconut/lemon grass soup

White fish and cauliflower

Black mass of home made mascarpone with squid ink and black garlic in mushroom broth and flakes of chicken skin

Mackerel smoked with cider and cauliflower

Spider crab with salt cured egg yolk, fish scales and tapioca

Aubergine confit with white shrimps in sauce of red tea

Squid risotto with spices, lemon, horseradish and roe

Tuna belly with green curry and shiso leaf

Bone marrow in rosemary broth with crispy spicy potato

Langoustine on foie gras

Head of bream with chanterelles

Sweetbread and pumpkin/cinnamon

Tamarind sorbet with toffee cream and green apple meringue

Milk sorbet with spices

Brown sugar sabayon with lemon sorbet