Dinner at Mugaritz

Dinner at Mugaritz

at Mugaritz on 3 November 2018
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It is again a phenomenal mind twister and this unique dining lab and some may think is too much and annoying with bite size dishes, for me I love the challenge, new ideas on flavors and texture all the way

9 / 10

The welcome

The entrance

The selected menu

The cleanser for the wine parring

Green starter medley

Cucumber and juice

Sheep’s milk cheese and herbs


Carrots in gel of Kombucha

The list of dishes

Frozen hake and garlic emulsion

The kiss of uni

Rioja white 1970

Tuna belly

Tuna belly on herbs

Sake medley incl 1999 version

Kokotxas with raw sea cucumber

Grilled kokotxas


Doughnut in said sherry

Fake beef of soybeans

Dried roe on yolk on caviar

Blanc de blanc 1985

Oyster and crumble of pig tail

Grilled pepper with baked flax seeds

Riesling medley


Meringue of herbs of Chartreuse

Iberian pork jerky with mayo

Conterno Baberesca 1956

Maple nut in mushroom sphere and lardo

Self dissolved oinion

DRC GE 2014

Duck and herbs

Margaux 1998

Blood pudding and grilled brioche

Sugar coated and fried pork

Heart of pig with liver

Port only barrel 2007

Lamb tartare and own broath on cracker

D’Yquem 2013 and 2008

Again 1991, 1984 and 1977

Plus 1969 and 1955

Finish 1940

Fresh cow milk and caviar

The tower of chocolate 99/70 pct

The three of life at Mugaritz