Dinner at Ecco Ascona

Dinner at Ecco Ascona

at Ecco on 25 August 2018
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Elegant fine dining in this two star place with strong techniques and interesting Asian influences

8 / 10

Foie gras and dashi

King crab and watermelon

Carpaccio and fermented white asparagus

Salmon cone

Bread with salami and crest

Perch crudo

More foie gras with cherries and hazelnut

Cherry/foie gras macron

More perch with oyster, caviar and mustard pearls

Carabineros with kohlrabi and nutty butter sauce

Zander with pigs belly and chanterelles

Truffle stuffed chicken with truffle sauce

Veal sweetbreads with beetroot curry

Wagyu and potato puffs