Dinner at Torno Subito

Dinner at Torno Subito

at Torno Subito on 3 June 2021
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The restaurant is ran by Massimo Boturra for several years. It is located on the palm at W hotel and offers both a la card and tasting menu. There is one standard tasting menu plus one special, which is changed monthly.

The restaurant is style in 80s pop culture and no matter it is already a slow season, a booking in advance is recommended. The booking process is online and very easy.

There is plenty of personnel and the service is generally good, though when in Dubai, you always expect something more and special.

Food was good and properly graduating, the chocolate dessert was a perfect ending. All ingredients were with high quality. All dishes were very well plated and very colorful.

If in Dubai and want to try some Italian dishes, it is worth the visit.

8 / 10