Dinner at Atomix NYC

Dinner at Atomix NYC

at Atomix on 16 May 2022
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Much thanks to @rubenmosquero, @jhonelfaelnar, and Khoi Tran (a server there with my exact name) for a really great evening. It was so much fun! 🤗🙏
The Bar Tasting Menu @atomixnyc is a completely different experience than the one offered downstairs at the Chef’s Counter. Composed of fewer but no less striking courses, it’s designed to pair with lovely cocktails by @jhonelfaelnar. Chef @rubenmosquero does a masterful job of melding Korean and Spanish flavors together in ways that seem natural and effortless. Beyond the delicious food, the intimate setting cuts down the physical space between guests and staff, facilitating delightful interactions. This tasting menu was one of the best dinners I had on this recent trip! 😃

I would highly recommend for those who like to eat good food, laugh, and have a good time (Should be everybody, right?) 😆

@michelinguide: 🌟🌟

No. 8 on @oadtop100 “North America Top Restaurants” for 2021