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Outlaw's New Road Port Isaac


Average rating from 2 meals 7.5 / 10
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Nathan Outlaw



Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
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on 27 Sep 2018

Nathan Outlaw has built a small restaurant empire in Cornwall. His flagship is this place which sits high up on the coast with unbelievable views, weather permitting.
Its focus is entirely on seafood which is all sourced locally, as per their own description hyperlocal, whatever that means.
We had the oysters, scallops, cod and turbot which were all very fresh, very tasty and perfectly executed. My favourite was the Salt Cod with an interesting flavour combination of aioli, capers and parsley.
A... More

8 / 10
on 14 Aug 2015

As we walked up from the car park I saw one round table right by the window and thought to myself, “Some lucky *ods will be having a nice view as they dine with that table…” – as we were taken through I was wonderfully suprised as it was actually us that it was being held for – very lucky indeed.

On to the show then and the cured monkfish, ginger and fennel was utterly sublime; so light and fresh as was the mackerel and cucumber starter as well. The latter had a beautifully creamy... More

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6 New Rd, Port Isaac PL29 3SB, UK


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+44 (1208) 880896