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on 20 Nov 2020

Nice wine bar with good food.
World Wine Bar by Pieroth
Japan, 〒162-0825 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kagurazaka, 3−6 サムライ堂ビル 1F 2F
+81 3-6280-7631

6 / 10
on 24 Apr 2020

Now that lots of restaurants in Japan are offering take-out we thought to give it a try. As we were for lunch in Toyama, we decided to call all in and order from 4 restaurants in three cities:
Yamagishi, Kyoto
Sushi Jin, Toyama
respiracion, Kanazawa
Higashiyama Wakon, Kanazawa.

One word can only describe this experience, unbelievable!

The Japanese have this unparalleled ability to select and create food which tastes well cold. Then they came up with an well thought out beautiful packaging which... More

5 / 10
on 04 Apr 2020

Amamoto is a cult sushi temple in Tokyo. Amamoto’s father runs a Yatai (street food stall) on the Nakasu Island.
It is great fun to have some tempura late at night while chatting with the other dinners. Amamoto-san (the father) is very funny and serves you delicious food.


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