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Pagu Cambridge


Average rating from 3 meals 6.7 / 10
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Tracy Chang


Spanish - Japanese, Asian

Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
on 06 Mar 2018

Spanish Japanese Fusion in Cambridge. Gourmet casual at its best

7 / 10
on 10 Jan 2018

A very good casual fine dining place in Cambridge, MA. Chef Tracy Chang opened Pagu only in January 2017 and was awarded the Chef of the Year 2017 from the Boston Globe and various other publications.
The menu fuses her prior experience in Spain with Martin Bersategui and her Ramen pop-up into one which seems to be a mixture between an izakaya and a tapas bar. This sounds odd, but it does work and is very tasty.
A great place to have lunch (or breakfast or dinner), good value for money.

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310 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA


Open hours


+1 617-945-9290