Dinner at SÉZANNE

Dinner at SÉZANNE

at SEZANNE (SEZANNE) on 15 November 2023
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The second half of the @sezannetokyo x @thechairmanrestauranthk collaboration was every bit as spectacular and surprising as the first.

There was sweet and sour pig’s tail with strawberries – crispy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside. Shirako, enveloped in pasta sheets, was doused with a piquant and sweet chili sauce, flecked with bits of steamed fish head.

The Chairman’s succulent char siu was sandwiched between flaky pastry and dotted with sauces made from cress and egg yolk.

But the clay pot cooked rice was a real show-stopper. Scented with a funkadelic mix of matsutake with ganba mushrooms from Yunnan, the rice was topped with grilled unagi that had been fermented in stinky tofu brine. A genius move that infused the dish with an irresistible thrum of umami, resonating with layers of savory notes that reminded me of Cantonese salty fish. I also loved how they served it with a side of garlicky pea shoots and the crunchy rice crust.

The desserts were equally thoughtful. If my fortune cookie is right, the rest of the year will be awesome!

Thanks again @chezcalvert @acaley88 Danny and The Chairman team!