Lunch at Geranium

Lunch at Geranium

at Geranium on 8 February 2019
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Refined New Nordic Cuisine.
Michelin 3*

10 / 10

Entry check-in desk

View of the kitchen from my seat

Lobster, goat milk, juice from fermented carrots & sea buckthorn.

"Razor Clame" with minerals & sour cream. The shell is actually a papery thin sheet, and the clam meat filling was like a tartare.

Crispy Jerusalem Artichoke "Leaves", walnut oil & Pickled Walnut Leaves

Soup from Dried Cep mushrooms with Pear and White Truffle.

Scallop "Red Stones" & Horseradish. Beet juice formed the vessel for the scallop in beet mousse filling. Served with Icelandic Skyr accented with horseradish.

Oscietra Caviar, Water & Pumpkin Seeds

Trout three ways. This one is creamy with sauce from grilled & fermented cauliflower.

Dried trout.

Lightly salted trout served as a tartlet.

"Marbled" Hake, caviar & buttermilk. One of their signature dishes. They also deep-fried scales and added it as a crunchy topping.

Beautiful bread service

Oven roasted winter vegetables, smoked egg yolk & melted "Vesterhavs" cheese

Grilled Limfjords Oyster in essence from dried oyster, seaweed & parsley. The "pearl" is smoked cheese.

A bite of beetroot, yoghurt & tagetes.

A trio of dessert bites.

Fallen apples with elderberry

Ice cream with beeswax, pollen with crispy honey

"Naked Tree", prunes, dark beer (in the flower form), and cream with beech wood.

Caramel with Roasted Grains & Frozen Chamomile Tea

"May the Force Be With You" - Stormtrooper licorice with ice cream inside.

Mignardises - Green egg with Pine; Marshmallow with Rosehip.