Master vs Disciple; Saito vs Uino

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For quite some time Saito-san is considered by many the pinaccle of Edo mae sushi.

His long term apprentice, disciple and friend Uino-san who for years was in charge of the shari and did the nigiri at the private counter at Sushi Saito is now running very successfully Sushi Amane in New York. Given the import restrictions to the US from other countries he does a phenomenal job.

I have had 6 meals from both of them, three from the Master and three from the Disciple, some of them in rapid succession so it was possible to compare fresh memories and taste.

For me on balance the Master still holds an edge. The shari obviously is exactly the same, but somehow the Master's technique in pressing the rice creates a somewhat tenser nigiri and thus for me a better texture.

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