Lunch at Chisounishikenichi (馳走西健一)

Lunch at Chisounishikenichi (馳走西健一)

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Experience an extraordinary culinary journey at Chisou Nishi Kenichi, where land and sea converge in unforgettable flavors. Chef Kenichi Nishi's passion for exceptional cuisine stems from his background in Hiroshima and his collaboration with renowned fishmonger Naoki Maeda. The dishes at Chisou Nishi Kenichi are a testament to Nishi's expertise and dedication.

Standout highlights include the remarkably fresh Barracuda, served within three hours of being caught, offering a tantalizing texture and the true essence of the ocean. The Nori butter delights with its combination of three distinct Nori varieties, infusing each bite with buttery richness and captivating umami flavors.

Another masterpiece is the Kimedai with thinly sliced zucchini, where the delicate sweetness of the fish harmonizes with the refreshing crunch of the vegetable. The signature Fish pie, featuring six-hour grilled onions and a light Crème and vinegar sauce, showcases Nishi's culinary finesse.

For meat lovers, the smoked Beef Female from Yamaguchi presents tender and succulent flavors that melt in your mouth. To conclude the meal, indulge in the Amandai Risotto, an exquisite combination of squid ink-infused rice that elevates the dish to new heights.

Chisou Nishi Kenichi masterfully blends the finest ingredients with Nishi's culinary prowess, resulting in a remarkable dining experience. Impeccable service and an inviting ambiance further enhance the journey, making it a feast for all the senses.

As a delightful dessert finale, Chef Kenichi served a scrumptious creamy hazelnut ice cream at Chisou Nishi Kenichi. This exquisite creation showcases his mastery in crafting irresistible flavors, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.

At Chisou Nishi Kenichi, guests have the option to enjoy a wine pairing or order by the bottle. The Chef thoughtfully curates a selection of reasonably priced wines, from which diners can choose. Whether you prefer a perfect wine pairing or exploring the bottles available, the restaurant offers a delightful array of choices to complement your dining experience.

This culinary gem not only offers sensational dishes but also tells a story of Nishi's background and dedication to his craft. Discover the artistry and passion of Chisou Nishi Kenichi, and be prepared to savor extraordinary flavors that will leave a lasting impression.

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9 / 10

Corn soup with Junsai (water shield)

カマス (Barracuda)



Fish pie

Yamaguchi wagyu

Amadai risotto

Hazelnut ice cream

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