Dinner at LYST

Dinner at LYST

at Lyst on 1 July 2022
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Lyst in Vejle, quite a destination. The restaurant is in a purpose built iconic building designed by Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann, opened in 2018 and was inspired by the immediate surroundings of Vejle, which gave shape to the building. The fjord flows directly through the building; the wind, water, harbour, land, and changing weather are constantly present. Inside one finds circles everywhere, symbolizing the philosophy of the restaurant to only source ingredients from within a circle of 100km. The meal gets served in multiple locations inside and outside within the building. It starts with a cocktail at the entrance, and continues at the bar counter. Most of the dishes are served in the dining room where sail-like structures are separating the dishes. These sails get moved by the wait staff to give the dinner the impression of being out on sea (which one technically is, as the building is inside the fjord).
The food is Nordic and innovative and gets served on interesting plates with specially designed cutlery. All of the dishes are well executed, very tasty and interesting. The outstanding were the Leeks - Smoked cheese from Lindved. What is not mentioned are the sepia tagliatelle which made the dishes super interesting from a taste and texture point of view. The Solist potato - Caviar, a very early harvest potato with their own caviar is of course luxury comfort food, but very, very good. The Brill - Sep mushrooms was another outstanding dish, the brill glassy executed, very tasty, the mushroom sauce delivering savory and acidic flavors to make it a very special dish.
The wine list is deep and the wines are stored in the wine cellar beneath the sea level.
The service is very friendly and professional, the chefs also come out to present and explain the dishes. Everybody is very competent to answer any question one might think of.
All in, a very good and tasty meal, an extraordinary experience, surely worth a special trip to Vejle.

8 / 10

Lindved cheese - Sable

Hamachi - Pickled seaweed

Lyskvad eel - Trout roe

Ham - Beignet

Redmose beetroot - Browned butter

Oyster - Horseradish

Langoustine - Beach herbs

Leeks - Smoked cheese from Lindved

Sourdough bread with Gyldenlund grains - Best butter in Denmark from Bent in Lindved

Grilled peas - Whey

Lobster - Elderflower

Solist potato - Caviar

Crab - Hiprose

Brill - Sep mushrooms

Strawberry - Basil

Sheep yogurt - Raspberry

Sunflowerseed - Malt

Bisquit - Honey