Lunch at Tsuta

Lunch at Tsuta

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Special treat as they served us the old recipe. Unfortunately the lack of the Master shows, it is not even close to the old glory.

Ramen Beast

Shoyu chintan soup contains four different brand name chickens- Aomori Shamo-Rock, Amakusa-Daio, Kuroiwa-tsuchidori and Nagoya Cochin. A separate dashi broth is made with asari clams, wild Rausu kombu and vegetables. The noodles are house-made using a blend of both domestic wheat and organic wheat from France, along with naturally occurring Inner Mongolian kansui (alkaline water).
Other ingredients/toppings include truffle oil, fig jam, mushroom sauce and balsamic vinegar. All ingredients are delivered and used fresh. No MSG.
Master Oonishi-san learned how to make ramen for the first time at his father's shop, 'Nanae no aji no mise Mejiro' (since closed), located in Yoyogi. He started training there from the age of 28, after three years he opened 'Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta' in Sugamo in 2012. In 2019, Oonishi-san closed the Sugamo shop, moving to Yoyogi-Uehara and into a space previously occupied by the ramen brands Gogyo and then Ippudo. 23 seats. Open since December, 2019.

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