at PRIMO PASSO on 18 December 2023
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Primo Passo is a distinguished Italian restaurant in Tokyo, guided by the culinary expertise of Chef Tomoyuki Fujioka. Chef Fujioka's journey in the culinary world is marked by significant experiences and accomplishments. He honed his skills at starred restaurants in both Japan and Italy, gaining invaluable insights and expertise. His tenure as a division chef at a 2-star restaurant near Naples, Italy, is particularly notable, showcasing his deep connection with authentic Italian cuisine.

At Primo Passo, Chef Fujioka brings a unique perspective to Italian cuisine, considering the cultural context of offering such dishes in Japan. He has meticulously crafted an omakase course that highlights various types of pasta along with a selection of ingredients sourced from across Japan. This approach not only showcases his deep respect for Italian culinary traditions but also his ability to innovate and adapt these traditions to the Japanese palate.

The restaurant's emphasis on pasta is a testament to Chef Fujioka's passion and expertise in this area. Our meal was a prix fixe menu that features several kinds of pasta, such as chilled capellini, spaghetti with tomato, and cheese ravioli. The portions are carefully designed to allow guests to savor the various pasta types, reflecting the chef's intention to share his love and fascination for pasta with his guests.

Primo Passo's setting and offerings make it a unique destination for those seeking an intimate and authentic Italian dining experience in Tokyo. Chef Fujioka's background and culinary philosophy significantly contribute to the restaurant's reputation and allure, making it a must-visit for both pasta enthusiasts and those looking to experience Italian cuisine with a distinct Japanese touch.

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8 / 10