Lunch at Menanchitose (麺庵ちとせ)

Lunch at Menanchitose (麺庵ちとせ)

at Men An Chitose (麺庵ちとせ) on 20 August 2020
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Fantastic tantanmen ramen at Chitose. This place, ranked in the top three in Tabelog, is a tiny little place with seven counter seats and one table for two. It serves shoyu and tantanmen ramen from a tiny little kitchen with produces the noodles every day in house.
The broth is rich with loads of umami without being overly concentrated, the noodles of medium thickness cooked well.
The spice blend tastes of sesame and peanuts.

Excellent, one of the best tantanmen I very had.

6 / 10

Tantanmen ramen with extra egg and pork